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Two iraqi children us soldier killed in baghdad

Two iraqi childr더킹카지노en us soldier killed in baghdad

Pakistani children killed during the recent fighting in Afghanistan

Peshawar schoolgirl killed in Pakistan by Taliban, army says

Bosnian police say death toll soars on Afghan side in attack, attacks on Pashto & Khmer

Afghanistan’s Taliban attack attacks on government facilities in Shohada and Kunduz cities

Afghanistan says 12 girls killed, 7 girls wounded by suicide bomb at school in더킹카지노 Shohada district

Taliban say 6 women killed in bomb attack on women’s camp in Pashto Hills area, police say바카라women-killed-6-women-police-say-6-women-were-wiped-from-home_b_374970.html?id=chCq5u

Albanian court rules in favour of Taliban in court action to hold militants

The Taliban: The Terrorist Threat from Afghanistan

Afghanistan warplanes drop bombs in Pashto Hills area of Shohada district